The Codependent Perfectionist Episode 7

Today we're talking about parenting! Especially parenting "sensitive," "hyperactive" or children with mental health issues. We speak about how not to bring too much fear into your parenting as well as how to separate from codependency in your child's recovery process. Click here to listen!

The Codependent Perfectionist: Episode 3

In Episode 3, I tackle communication!! As codependents, we tend to be poor communicators. We may be busy worrying how people will feel about what we say or how they may judge us for what we say (mix of codependency and perfectionism). We may even spend inordinate amount of time thinking about how to say something instead of just being honest. This episode talks about 4 big communication issues with codependency and how we can talk them! Check it out here!

The Codependent Perfectionist: Episode 2

Episode 2 of The Codependent Perfectionist is here! Today, Lauren and I explore codependency and perfectionism in relation to both where it comes from and how it can play out in our romantic relationships. We also share some stories and tips on how to identify codependency in a relationship! We have so much more to discuss on these topics too!! Check it out here!!

The Codependent Perfectionist: Episode 1

I’m very excited to announce the launch of my new podcast The Codependent Perfectionist!! Along with my good friend, Lauren Talcott, this podcast is meant to provide insight into the dynamics of codependency and perfectionism. Lauren and I use a mix of personal anecdotes, psychoeducation, and therapeutic exploration. This first podcast is an introduction to give you a sense of what we will be discussing. Lauren and I had a great time doing it. Hope you enjoy it!! Check it out here!!