Sandplay Therapy.

“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.” CG Jung

Sandplay is a Jungian based psychotherapy process created by Dora Kalff that bypasses the intellect to get further into our deeper wounds that can be pre verbal or simply out of consciousness. Our intellect can be a strong blockage in our therapeutic work and talk therapy is limited in its capacity to break us of this defense.

The beauty of Sandplay is that we are doing the work on multiple levels of consciousness simultaneously. Sandplay allows for a safe place in which our inner wisdom can do the healing work. This can be a wonderful tool for an array of issues from complex PTSD to trauma to our wounds from simply living in this world.

Sandplay is a unique therapeutic process which can be conducted on its own, or in conjunction with talk therapy. Through the use of the tray and sand you will be able to create a unique world, where your unconscious is safely able to surface, so healing can occur.

**For Information on Sandplay Training see Supervision & Training