thank you to all of my wonderful clients who do the work!! 

Alana has profoundly changed the way I see myself, helping me rewrite the stories I have told myself about who I am and why I am. She is kind, insightful, tough, and wise, perfectly balancing empathy and acceptance with challenging me on my defenses and patterns. And her sandtable collection is exquisite.
— Dave M

It is so rare to find an expert in their field who still has a palpable passion for what he or she does — enter Alana Carvalho. Her expertise, compassion and guidance has played an integral role in my journey and has helped act as a catalyst to change. Having never engaged in any type of therapy before, to say my skepticism was at an all-time high would be quite the understatement. However, her patience and lack of judgement knows no bounds. She has created a space where boundaries are pushed in the safest of ways, her advice is intelligent and unique, and you can feel how deeply she cares. With that, it is impossible not to trust her fully and surrender to her process, which works. Even when I had given up on myself, she never did and she has helped me achieve tangible growth. Alana is the perfect guide and I do not know where I would be without her.
— R.E.

I started seeing Alana when I was going through multiple big life transitions: moving across the country, moving in with my partner, and returning closer to my family. She has been instrumental in helping me work through these changes and giving me the tools to work through any challenge.
— Matt H.

Alana is knowledgeable, compassionate, and keeps it 100% real as she provides you the tools to work towards your best life. She has always made me feel safe and supported throughout our work together, as well as helping me see things in a completely new light.
— Robert S.

Working with Alana has been massively beneficial for me in particular because of her ability to distill very complex emotional issues into simple, concrete actions I can take as a normal human person. The issues that might seem amorphous or insurmountable at the outset are slowly defined and eroded away by working on them in small concrete ways, which results in material changes in how I move through the world - which has made all the difference.
— Thomas

A few months ago, I had high blood pressure brought on by severe stress, depression, anxiety and crazy panic attacks. I questioned everything I did. I was guilt ridden. I worried about my finances. I nearly had a car accident. My daughter suggested therapy and pointed me towards Alana.
The biggest gift Alana gave me was the gift of self love. She taught me how to let go of the toxic relationships in my life, gently steered me so that I could mend my important relationships and really made me understand and accept who I am.
What seemed a challenge a few months ago seems a breeze today.
Her methods work for me. She listens, questions and guides me. We do meditation when required. The books she has recommended have been life changing.
Today I caught myself singing and dancing while driving. I can never thank her enough for helping me find myself again. And that too on the phone from half way across the world!!
— N.S.

Alana came highly recommended to me by a close friend and I am so glad that I chose to work with her as my therapist. She’s kind, compassionate and insightful, while also stretching me to look beyond my self inflicted limitations. After just a few sessions with her, I began to see more possibilities in my life and heal old patterns that were holding me back. I’m excited to continue my journey with her. Thank you Alana!
— Holly T

I have known many therapists, in individual work, family work, couples counseling, child therapists, those who lead groups, and who treat addiction in residential settings. But Alana is truly special, the most amazing therapist I have ever known. She speaks from a depth of experience in all those categories, but more importantly is willing and able to become personally invested in her clients’ struggles. She has at her command the same information and conceptual frameworks of some renowned, published therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists I have known, but little of the ego involvement or sometimes condescending remove.
— Walter G