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Hi! I’m Alana Carvalho

A yoga-practicing, soulful music-loving, mother of two,
and the founder of The Codependent Perfectionist framework.

After earning my Masters of Education in Psychological Counseling at Teachers College, Columbia University, I started my work as a licensed mental health counselor in a substance abuse treatment center.

It was there that I met families navigating how to support their loved ones struggling with substance abuse, and I became passionate about healing codependency and transforming relationships.

In 2013, I started my own private practice, Alana Carvalho Therapy in New York City, and met countless individuals and families struggling with codependency and perfectionism.

As I reflected on my own therapeutic journey, and how these two challenging patterns often co-exist, The Codependent Perfectionist was born.

In 2015, along with my partner, Lindsey, we created Intuitive Healing, a safe space for people to come and see a wide range of therapists who are real, loving, and engaged in their client’s therapeutic journey to work through trauma, childhood wounds, relationship difficulties, body image, anxiety, depression, cultural, racial and gender identity issues and more!

Over the last ten years, I’ve learned that healing codependency is life-changing, and doing therapeutic work is tough but the payoff is immeasurable.

Now I get to watch people metamorphosize into their truest selves, claim ownership of their choices, and take risks to follow their dreams.

Because codependency and perfectionism are pervasive in our culture, I’ve developed different approaches that will fit in your lifestyle.

Individual, Couples & Group Therapy

I help individuals grow in your relationships, gain greater freedom, peace and insight while we work through the CP framework together.

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The Codependent
Perfectionist Oracle Cards

My brand new deck as a part of your daily self-care ritual, and the perfect tool to accompany therapy or our online group.

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Raising Empowered Kids

My book written for parents who want to change their CP patterns and give their children an emotionally healthy foundation for life

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The Codependent
Perfectionist Podcast

The perfect, on-the-go resource for navigating codependency and perfectionism in your relationships and life

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Therapy with Alana and her team

At Intuitive Healing, my team and I have the incredible opportunity to work
individually, with couples and in group settings on breaking the cycles of
codependency and perfectionism. If you’re interested in working with me
and my team in a therapeutic setting, click here to meet the team.

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