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Your all-encompassing toolbox to heal codependency and perfectionism.

Everyone’s got a different style and schedule, and we’ve got just the answer to fit yours.

Whether you like in-person therapy or a good podcast for your drive, we offer full-spectrum solutions to suit your relationships, schedule, and life.

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Individual, Family and Couples Therapy

With fifteen years of experience of offering individual, family and couples therapy, I have watched countless people transform into their truest selves and find lasting freedom from past patterns and struggles.  In a loving and safe setting, my team and I utilize a psychodynamic approach, gaining powerful insight into how the past is informing the present. From this place of clarity, we work in the present to shed old patterns and help you become your most authentic self.

Working with a therapist can vary immeasurably in style and methods.  My team and I prioritize a highly interactive and engaging approach, empowering you by gently holding you accountable and giving ample room for feedback. Whether you’re working to understand a relationship with a narcissist, healing your own codependency and perfectionism, or simply wanting to live a more fulfilling life, we can make that happen.

At this time, I am accepting new clients to work together in couples counseling or one on one.

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Group Therapy

Group therapy allows for a different type of support and processing than individual sessions. It often works best in partnership with individual therapy, but can also work great on its own. 

We offer multiple specialized groups to break patterns, grow in relationships, and work through the Codependent Perfectionist framework together.  Read on to find the right group for you.

Virtual Codependency Recovery Group

This intimate support group is a way to dive more fully into your codependency recovery. This group is ideal for people who are looking for added therapeutic support on their recovery journey. In this group, we discuss issues ranging from boundaries, communication, family dynamics, narcissism & much more! Facilitated by Alana, this group meets virtually on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month.

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WHEN 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month
TIME 12:00pm – 1:00pm EST
COST Sliding Scale ranging from $65-$90 based on your ability to pay


Relationships & Intimacy Process Group

If you’re looking for a supportive space to explore yourself and your relationships with others, this is for you. Our relationships process groups help build skills around communication, emotional intimacy, and vulnerability. This group meets in person in midtown Manhattan, NYC.

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Alana & Lindsey’s Group details

WHEN Wednesday – biweekly
TIME 12:00pm – 1:30pm
COST $75/session.

ALL Game Sacred Circle

The A.L.L. (Awareness, Love, and Light) Game is a powerful, enlightening and fun way to experience personal growth and healing.   Through this group experience in a game-board setting, you’ll journey through the seven paths of life: security, pleasure, energy, relationship, willingness, mind, and oneness.  Beginning with a personal intention, you’ll travel around the board, discovering your own strengths as well as areas that need transformation.  

Details:  This group meets once per month and you can choose to be a regular player, or an alternate (substitute for absent players).  Each 3-hour game costs $125 per person.

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Raising Empowered

For recovering codependent perfectionists, parenthood presents a myriad of *opportunities* for more healing. Used on its own or as a supplement to group or individual therapy, my parenting book “Raising Empowered Children” teaches parents how to create healthy boundaries and natural consequences, avoid helicopter parenting, and confidently raise happy and peaceful kids.

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The Codependent Perfectionist
Oracle Cards

My brand new deck is a natural part of your daily self-care ritual, and the perfect tool to accompany therapy on your journey to healing perfectionism and codependency. This 54-card deck pairs daily meditations on self-love with peace-filled illustrations.

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The Codependent
Perfectionist Podcast

Whether you’re on a walk or on your commute, this is the perfect (and free!) resource for podcast lovers. With regularly released new episodes and an archive covering a broad range of interviews and topics related to codependency and perfectionism, we give you on-the-go access to wisdom and new insights.

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