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every relationship in your life.

Develop intimate connections, heal your trauma, and experience more joy.

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I’m Alana, a spiritually attuned counselor,
author and teacher, best known as

The Codependent Perfectionist.


I’m a mother of two and a passionate life-long learner.

I’ve wanted to be a therapist since as far back as I can remember.  After years of intense clinical experience, combined with my own personal journey, I created The Codependent Perfectionist framework for you, my fellow codependent perfectionists. I’m here to help you create new patterns and heal old wounds to radically change your life.  

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is a dynamic in which we care too much about how others feel, the difficulties they experience, as well as how they feel and think about us.


is a person’s unrealistic expectations for oneself and others that can be seen in different areas of our life such as parenting, friendships, work, and body image.

Codependency and perfectionism are pervasive in our culture and love to live as a pair. As a former struggler of both, I created The Codependent Perfectionist framework to free you from these destructive patterns and create a life of peace and joy.

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If you’re looking for expert guidance, compassion and connection with others, and newfound insight into your own tendencies, group therapy is for you.

We have several groups that meet in-person and virtually 1-3 times per month.  From radically changing codependency and perfectionist patterns to increasing intimacy and connection in your relationships, our groups tackle hard-hitting issues in playful and empowering ways.

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The Codependent Perfectionist's
Oracle Cards

Daily practices to shed perfectionism & codependency and welcome peace

This brand new 54-card deck offers daily opportunities to abandon perfectionism and codependency and embrace renewed patterns, personal growth and joy in the present moment. With custom peace-filled illustrations and simple messages of deep wisdom, this oracle card collection will be the perfect companion to your morning or evening self-care ritual.

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Raising Empowered

The Codependent Perfectionist’s Guide to Parenting

For parents who struggle with codependency and perfectionism, the pressure to raise well- adjusted kids can feel like an avalanche. But parents can actually be — dare we say — free from the pressure. By understanding concepts like helicopter parenting (and a better method), healthy boundaries, and natural consequences, you can become a confident parent to happy and peaceful kids.

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Our podcast series on the dynamics of codependency and perfectionism is the perfect tool to help transform your relationships with your partner, friends, children and self. With a mix of my training in psychology, my own therapeutic work, and stories of my work as a therapist, you’ll gain insight into how these issues play out in everyday life, and learn a peaceful alternative.

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One on One

Looking for more of an individually-tailored approach?  My team and I offer a range of options, from individual and group therapy to couples and family counseling. Whatever your need, we have a solution to help you create the life you want.

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